Bringing it Home

Last November, I had the opportunity to support Florida's first Black nominee for governor, Andrew Gillum. It was a tight race, and Ron Desantis ultimately won the election by 0.4%. Despite how everything turned out though, being able to support one of the most historical candidates of our time (and creating the first GIPHY account for a political candidate) will always be a win in my book.

 Andrew’s brand communicated his genuineness, approachability and empathy with messages that were relevant to each type of voter and the issues they cared about. Through social media, Floridians were led to dedicated microsites where they were given even more reasons to vote, donate and volunteer. His Instagram page was revamped to read cohesively and we used the Highlights section to communicate his position on important policy decisions. User-generated content was encouraged through GIFs that currently have over 12 million views on his GIPHY account.

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instagram-profile-2017-win (1) (1).jpg
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Client: Andrew Gillum for Governor

Agency: Ghost Note 

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